Care for Kare-kare? Make it Native Chicken Karekare from FONTI CAFE!

8:40 PM

Kare-Kare is always on my list of  favorite dishes. I love it with its thick peanutty-sauce and al dente cuts of pechay, puso ng saging and string beans. Very recently, my good friend Cathy, introduced us to Fonti Cafe's Native Chicken Kare-kare. Yup, its chicken we're having the kare-kare with! We were assured a good tasting one and they definitely did not fail to deliver as promised!

Fonti Cafe's Kare-kare is made the old -fashioned way with pieces of native chicken cut-ups sauteed in corn oil, red onion, garlic and tanglad (lemongrass) then patiently boiled to tenderness. What makes their kare-kare more special is that they use only the finest ingredients and they make its thick peanut sauce from scratch! Nothing instant, really! Their signature golden-yellow peanut sauce is made from achuete seeds, toasted brown rice and coconut milk for that added creaminess, perfected by  their homestyle peanut butter. The sauce alone will make you want to order for an extra rice or lick your plate clean!

Fonti Cafe serves organic and halal dishes which makes this place a good choice for our Muslim brothers and non-pork eating friends. Aside from their savory kare-kare, Fonti's also serves other Native Chicken dishes which are equally sumptuous! You have to try their Arroz Caldo! It's probably the best tasting "chicken-and-rice-on-a-ginger-flavored broth" dish in Gensan!

Fonti Cafe also takes pride in serving beverages from freshly squeezed dalandan and other fruits in season. You have to try their thirst-quenching Dalandan-Mint Juice. It's perfect for the weather condition in hot GenSUN! Have you heard of UBE Shake? It's a must -try. And have I told you I've found a new love here? Go order a cup of their hot Matcha Green Tea with Dalandan and Honey and tell me how it tastes.

Fonti Cafe is located at the East Asia Royale Arcade 1 along the National Highway, General Santos City. It's a good place to get together with friends for a good chat, away from the usual  mall raucous, or bury yourself in a book over a cup of good coffee and tasty pastries.

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