I Survived Eyebrow Embroidery!

10:53 PM

Ever had that "Feeling Alien" moment whenever you take the plunge into the pool? Yung pag-ahon mo, naglaho bigla ang kilay mo? Or have you ever grown tired of mastering the art of drawing kilay2000 every time? I know right!

The eyes are said to be the windows of your soul, and the brows? They are the frame, dahlin! The prettier your brows are coupled with the perfect arch  make those pair on fleek!

My friend Jacque, an airbrush makeup expert,  has been itching to get  her blades on my "you-can-count-on-your-fingertips" brows and needless to say, after weeks of trying to evade her, I gave in! Curiosity and social media hype, you  are to be blamed! (May masisi lang! Lol!)

So with butterflies turning my stomach into a playground, I head on to meet with Jacque! There were about three girls when I got to the meeting place and they all looked like Betty Lafea (peace , ladies!We all got the chance to play the part! yay!)

After the beso-beso and pleasantries with the girls, Jacque applied some numbing cream on my eyebrows and motioned for the other lady who was due for the blade while I settled to observe (and entertain thoughts of backing out) . Ugh! I was like, "okay  lang , te? Is it bearable?" She gave me a thumbs up, and that zapped all 'em butterflies away.


While Jacque was preparing her stuff, we had a chance to talk about our first meeting. Jacque was one of our exhibitors in Kasalang Filipino back in 2013, featuring Da Hue Bliss Beauty Bar, a beauty center and spa that she owns and manage. Jacque was one of the makeup artists, if not the first, to introduce airbrush makeup in General Santos City . Little did I know that she was already into eyebrow embroidery at that time! Wow! I've got a pro here doing my slivering my brows!

A few more trips down memory lane and violah, I'm done! Oi! I survived eyebrow embroidery! Look at my brand new pair of full eyebrows! 
Taken immediately after the procedure.  Credits to Jacque.

As of this writing, my brows are still on its way to healing and will soon be due for a retouch. The whole process took a little less than two  hours including the time spent waiting for the numbing cream to work and for the pigment ink to kinda soak, which was about  30 minutes each. 

If you ask me whether it's painful or not, I guess it depends on one's threshold for pain. When Jacque gave me the first slice, I can't even feel it, thanks to the mighty numbing cream. Eventually, as it's effect wore off, a mild pain can be felt. The one you feel when you prick on your blackheads , minus the gigil!
My Betty Lafea momenti


I was told to avoid washing the brows for about 3 days , so cleaning the face got kinda challenging but that's about it. I was back to my normal shower chuchu in no time.


I'm glad I had my eyebrows done! Saved me a couple of minutes before hitting the road each day (it takes time drawing beautifully arched eyebrows, ya know), never had to worry about the alien-look no more (swimming pool, here I come!) and, I might just brave an "I woke up like this" post on your walls! Teehee!

Thinking of doing your brows? Get in touch with Ms. Jacque Kate , (just click on her name to get to her FB account) owner of Da Hue Bliss Beauty Bar ,  a Singapore trained eyebrow embroidery specialist.

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