Starbucks Stickers, anyone?

11:19 PM

The Starbucks Sticker Sheets are out!

I really dunno what came over me that I suddenly became addicted on earning them. I am a coffee drinker, alright. But yung feeling na gusto mo ma-fill up agad ang sticker sheet mo (as in agad-agad-now-na-level?!),ngek ibang usapan na yun. Coffee Flooding lang ng sikmura ang peg? Calorie overload dayon? Feeling datuh?!

My friend Cathy and I earned our first stickers ( plus a bonus one!) for the 2014 edition of the Starbucks Must-have-Planners during our Million Kisses Meeting last November 4,2013. At muntik na akong himatayin when an acquaintance walked in and bought a number of coffee na hindi ko namalayan and looks to us like they didn't even mind about those darn stick- ons! Waaaah! Pakyas!

November 4,2013. Photo by Cathy
That incident made me crave for more stickers tuloy!So when a good old friend came home, I organized ( well, it's more like I orchestrated --hehe) a meetup at Starbucks and collected all their precious stickers. Teehee! 
Look ma!Eleven more to go!
November 10, 2013
Can't wait to get my hands on the Pink one.Nope, the Black one looks chic. Well, Yellow looks nice too. Uhmm...the Brown one ( or is that a Mocha) aint bad looking din. Oh, Confucius!
Okay! Now, solicitations are out. Tabang mga langit! Gimme gimme your stickers.

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