BOIS: From Batch Entrep to Batch Happiness

6:28 PM

How time flies....

I already had 4 batches of BOIS graduates under my care. And everytime, I never grew tired of bragging about these batches to the present class I am handling. And young that I am not anymore, I found myself tangled with the batch year so out of the blue, I re-christianed each batch following the special project they conducted respectively.

So, ACLC Business Office Information System students, here are your predecessors:

Batch Entrep.
Project: Mini Young Entrepenuers Fair
Venue: ACLC P.E. Area
Batch President: Shiela Noya

Batch Make-over
Project: Make-over of the P.E. Area
Venue: ACLC P.E. Area
Batch President: Arnie Marquez

Batch Glam
Project: Glam in Waste (Recycling Competition and Fashion Gala)
Venue: ACLC Lobby/ ACLC Complex
Batch President: Charlmaine Ceballo

Batch Happiness
Project: Happiness Campaign
Venue: General Santos City
Batch President: Cherry Sanchez

I wonder, what would the next batch be named after? Or better yet, what would their project be? Freshmen, here are your benchmarks!

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  1. aaaah... This will serve as our remembrance as we grow old. :) Thank you kaayo for everyting maam chix! :D You're so kind and cool! :)