Zombie Tsunami Hits Meeh!

10:36 PM

I got zombified!

Somebody installed the app on my mobile---(well, I think Poppy is the sole suspect here) and because its kinda boring where I work, I often find myself screwing up my cellphone. And there it is: Zombie Tsunami!

It took me a while to learn the rules of this game and easily got hooked to it. Why, this is  way entertaining than the Water Bubble App I play! (uh, bhoooring!)

First you gobble up a civilian and get him infected to increase your tribe. Get as many coins as you can too.They come handy when you need to buy stuff from the market whether to jazz up your zombie fashion or accomplish a mission.

Avoid bombs lest it blow them cute zombies dead...and jump over pits & holes...and don't run head on with those honking cars or you'll be dead( 'xept of course when you're powered up!)---uh, zombies are already dead, right?--err, living dead---oh, whatever!

There are power ups & bonuses to help you keep going! My fave among the 8 PU's are the Quarterback and Gold. I feel like I'm the king of the ZOMBIEworld!!! hehehe...

You get lottery tickets too ( after you have devoured a certain number of brains...so eat up!)

So when you are bored to death ( aint that turning you into a zombie thingy too?), or you're thinking of a way to entertain yourself, just



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