When Pages Flipper Flipped My Pages

6:01 AM

I am a self-confessed blogger-wanna-be.You know, like I am trying really hard to squeeze my brain out for something to write. Feeling writer na hindi naman! Yung tipong "bored- therefore-blogged-beauty" ...hahaha!

Knew not-so-many of the blogging thingy, but sincerely trying to  learn the ropes and embrace it. Sa pagiging blognorante ko, I change blog templates like I would change my bag--every now & then!

Thanks God for blogger friends, some OC baby "PM-ed" me offering to fix my blog. Duh! Kikyeme pa ba ako? Gora na! Gave the sweet baby an access to my messy kingdom so he can do the necessary weeding and welding!

The Pages Flipper flipped my pages and Violah! Bebegems gave my blog a bongga-look!I super love the notebook pages...looking very much like one of my listahans! Big hugs and smooooches for you sweetgemmie! How can anyone be so galeeeng!

Know more about Gem Tadefa. The guy who flipped my blog. Luvyah baby!

Chix & Flip . Clowning at the CotabatoMapup.

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