Chix in China! Kung Hei Fat Choi!

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January 31, 2014 marked the beginning of the Chinese New Year in the Lunar Calendar. 

The snake has made way for the arrival of the WOODEN HORSE and as part of the celebration, the Chinese community in General Santos City brought out the "Lion" to dance its way to a luckier year ahead. The Lion's dance is also believed to chase away ghosts and evil spirits.

First stop of course was at the seat of the Local Government where the Honorable Mayor Ronnel Rivera and his beauteous wife Jane,together with some of the LGU's Department Heads and other spectators await.

The year of the horse is said to be a year of fast victories and romance. So here's hoping everyone a galloping success to whatever endeavor you are into.
Race your way to your chosen track and get a speedy reaping of triumphant cheers!



Gong Xi Fa Cai!

I, Teacher.

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I'm wearing my teaching hat exceptionally high today.

The teacher's evaluation is out and the result was just heartwarming. I have been receiving an "EXCELLENT"  rating consistently for the past 4 years of my teaching career but what I always look forward to are the comments that my students leave. 

Those words keep me grounded and allow me to do a self-check. The words have always been so kind and sweet it always gives me a reassurance that I can actually be a "GOOD" educator.

Years back, I never thought that my career path would lead me to the portals of Education. Funny that I would end  up liking the profession and feel very passionate about it.

Thank you ACLC Gensan for the opportunity. Thank you Ms. Maya Cartojano for believing in me. Thank you ACLCians for that wonderful review.

Suncity Suites: LOL on Valentine's Day!

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Be ready to roll on floor laughing as 
bring you
on Valentines Day.

Catch Davao's premier comedian
and be entertained with his hilarious antics.

Plus! Enjoy cockails, a sumptuous buffet for two
and a COUPLE SHIRT too!

All for P899.00 only.

For reservations, contact the following numbers:


An Aeon and a Day with You

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Let me thank you  for holding my hand 
throughout our journey, 
Even before we became "Poppy & MieMie."

Though this junket with you
Has seen a lot of bumpy roads
And snaggy at times...

And  though we traverse
With heavy baggage
On our shoulders...

I will ne'er tire
of this expedition
If it means being with you in an aeon.

For I believe that the road ahead
Is easier to travel
When you are my driver.

Happy Anniversary , Poppy!

Chix & the GCs

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Family time is always a rare and precious time for my troop. It doesnt happen often so we make sure that when it does, its gonna be fantastic! But planning to have one takes a looot of consideration on the "pockety" side of things. That's why I just love discount coupons and holiday sale! 

Gift Certificates? Why, those cute little tags make bonding possible from planning to outing, not to mention affordable! I was gifted with a handful of these great GC's from generous friends over the holidays and it certainly made our post-yuletide bonding more enjoyable ( and cheap--teehee)!

To jumpstart the day, we had some qwerky donut overload at J.Co's for our first partially GC-paid indulgence.

And then we shopped at the windows (Window-shopping, hehehe) of the malls  from G-to-V until our leg muscles could scream the hell outta us and let the stomach monsters let out the familiar growling sound as if saying: "Teng! Teng! It's dinner time!"
And so off we went for Tatak Nadies at SM General Santos to make use of the GC that I won during the Soxblogger's Pageant Night Party. Time for some clowning, yay!

A little LPA loving is not about to dampen our little bonding moment. So to cap the night, we headed off to Suncity Suites where a complimentary room awaits us.
Kanya-kanya ng pwesto , mahmen!
And where there is free room, there is also free breakfast. Digging some more!
Ah! All in a day's laag. 

I still have a couple of GCs left in my hand so am looking forward to our next "GC-fired" bonding moments!

Hashtag 1: Fambam
Hashtag 2: GCs!
Hashtag 3: KapwaHayahay

Enjoy-enjoy din. 
For tomorrow is another day....

A Call for Help for Baby Guilbert

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Please let me take this opportunity to ask for a little help for Baby Guilbert.

My husband & I saw this couple today at a Mall in Gensan. The man was carrying something big wrapped in a blanket while the wife bears a kinda worried look on her face.

When they sat near where we were sitting, curiosity got the better of us. Poppy, together with a stranger , approached the couple and I guess started asking questions. Then I saw the man pointed to the direction of a coffee shop as the woman left with a trace of hesitation.

As I could not contain my own curiosity, I finally stood up and joined my husband. I was surprised by what I saw: the man is actually a father who is carrying with him his 6-month old baby whose head is nearly bigger than his own fragile body. Baby Guilbert is suffering from a medical condition called Hydrocephalus.

The baby's condition melted my heart. The mother in me wanted to cry at the poor baby's situation.Just when I was about to ask the man why they are at the mall,the  wife came back holding a P50 bill , the baby's picture and what looks to me like a letter in her hand saying " Gitagaan nila ko ug singkwenta". 

Later  we found out that they went to the mall with the hope of finding help in any possible way. They need money to buy Baby Guilbert his milk and his "cream" . Isabelita Granada, the baby's mother said they came from Sarangani Province ( Lun Padido, if I remembered it right) and are both desperate to look for anything that could help them in this situation.

Poppy & I gave the couple a small amount if only to help them buy a pack of milk for baby Guilbert. I took a photo of them with blogging ( to ask help) in my mind, wished them well and left with a rather heavy heart. 

I am sharing this hoping that there will be people with generous hearts who would reach out and help them. The family is temporarily living with a relative named Janet Corpus in Molave, Brgy . Lagao , (near Brgy. Botika) this City . 

Jane G. Rivera: An Encounter with the First Lady

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My latest stint as  Head for Secretariat of the recently concluded Paskuhan sa Gensan 2013 gave me a chance to work closely with the First Lady of the City.

I have to admit that I never expected the woman to be so down-to-earth and natural but that's the way she really is! Being beautiful and regal is given already. Being totoo and simple and hindi maarte is another.

an unexpected hug took me by surprise on my first photo-opt with JGR.
I know! It's a bad-hair day! Gee!

On our first meeting , I was surprised when she put her PRADA (yes, with the big "P") on the floor and had lunch with us that soooo sweat-inducing day at Beestop. And that started my loooong day with the First Lady, Ms. Jane G. Rivera. After a short pleasantries, we fired away to business.

My team and I secretly observed her from a corner and we're very pleased to see how willingly she indulged into the plans and suggestions for the activity. A listening leader, that's how I would describe her. And she made us all feel comfortable working around her easily. Give her a task, and she would readily oblige even if it means waking up early in the morning for a TV appearance 

a visit to DepEd 
or to go and look for Partners,
even ride a caterpillar!

What drew her closer to us are instances where she is most "totoo"....she would pig out with us at the "dampa" at the oval plaza. Dig on some bbq and eat packed meals in a corner without looking for alcohol afterwards ( You know, the usual eksena you would see in a pinoy movie! hehehe), make sitsit sa mayor , too! (psssst, nel! nel!) hahahaha....
And we saw how she adore her kids! Stage mother ito! Like she went with her son Raffy when he rehearsed for his part at the New Year's Countdown: Naka shorts at tsinelas lang! But what let out an "Oohhh" & an "Aaaahh" from us all was how she turned a glitch into a touching moment. This happened during the conduct of "Pasko ng Batang Heneral" when an unexpected busfull of kids arrived at the venue. The organizers panicked as we could no longer accommodate them at the covered court, but FL Jane was quick to respond to the situation. She ordered to bring these kids -about 120 of them---to the children's playground. Bought them toys and food, too, to the relief of the assigned social worker.

And as if those gestures were not enough, Ms. Jane herself went to the playground and did the face painting of the kids out there. What a selfless act indeed, making the pasko of a batang heneral truly memorable. 
In the short period of our togetherness , one could tell that the lady has a different charisma. She is just so down to earth that people loved her! We saw her work hard because she honestly and sincerely wanted to give the Generals a Pasko na may pagkakaisa...:) 
I can personally say that Gensan is lucky to have found a First Lady in her. And it is a pleasure working with her.

Kudos Miss Jane!

Ms. Jane G. Rivera is currently the Chairperson of the newly reorganized GSC Tourism Council whose thrust is to improve the tourism industry and to promote the City globally.

Kety, Phil & Fil : Friendship Beyond Rain or Shine, Eyebags & Bedbugs!

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December 2013 proved to us that no amount of stress, sleepless nights and bad hair days would take its toll on a friendship the three of us share.

Spearheading and troubleshooting the recently concluded -and if I may say, "Successfully Staged"- Paskuhan sa Gensan 2013 did NOTHING but fortified a beautiful camaraderie and brought our respect for each other to different high.

We've worked soaking wet under the rain, sweat it out under the eternal heat of the sun, drowned ourselves with coffee, loaded our bodies with calories, learned to eat WFPs at dawn , beat our arses with 180k worth of stress and still managed to greet each other with the sweetest "beso-beso" evah!

I feel so lucky being a part of this crazy, happy  & genius triumvirate ( mahangin ba?....kayo na lang ang mag-adjust ha)

We are proud of this friendship. And we are proud members of "BMC"- a-not-so-secret-but-bonggang -SUPPORT SYTEM in Gensan where PIKONS do not exist! Whuehehehe!

Wabyu both, Kety & Phil!

Be a Fan of Chowking's Chao Fan

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I've alway been a fan of chinese dishes. It simply satisfy my taste buds and Chowking has always been among the local fastfoods my hubby & I frequent because of their chao pao & chicaharap (not to mention their SUKA---which has awez been a personal fave).And as a mom of three, the mrs. skinflint in me would always look for budget-combos during fambam moments. So,it is indeed a welcome surprise to note that they have come out with a meatier & better Chao-fan!
Chowking's Chao-fan is best especially for people on the go. It comes with a complete rice meal with real meat and vegetables on it. I especially like their Beef Chao-fan with all the carrots, cabbage bits and egg strips on it. Plus, they added more meat to the package and chopped off some peso from the tag making it CHEAPER at a price of P49.00 only if ordered ala-carte. Now that is what you call a good deal for your money. Not a beefie? Not to worry. Pork Chao-fan is loove! Steaming pork-bagoong rice topped with shomai is a musttry. And at P59.00, it comes complete with a soft drink already.
Of course, they still serve what they are more-famous for: Halo-halo, Pancit Canton, And what Kuya Avel would call as "garagumo": Crunchy Chicken!

When in Gensan, find a Chowking Restaurant along the National Highway, SM General Santos and at KCC Mall of Gensan.

Trying out CK's more improved Chao-Fan products with the GBG Gensan Peeps together with CK Beauties & Hunk Boyet. Kudos to the team!

c to steven n  erwin