Feeling Gwapamuch Me!

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My new-found friend 
celebrity blogger extraordinaire cum
 luckiest-blogger-on-earth , Morgan Zeanreh 
recently had the chance to interview 
my forever crush on showbiz landia:  
And what do you know? 
he took home a surprise video for moi! 

Ah! Ang haba ng hair ng lola mo! 
Now am really confused! 
After carrying Dennis Trillo's surname 
hesitantly during the 
here comes RR wanting to meet me! 
Anuvah....( Sabay ipit ng hair sa tenga!)

I heard JL is coming to town....
mag-"INGAT" na lang jud ko! 

basically a no-nonsense gurl ( whue?)...happy and gay most of the time. i looove coffee. i love beds and pillows. i used to have fetish over Cotton Buds and I still dunno why! i'm fond of wearing pajamas...kahit tanghali!...

working on different events here & there powers me up!