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When you want to speak
and everything that comes out
from your mouth
is wrong.

When you want to speak
and nothing that you say
just seemed
to be right.

When you want to speak
and you just  cant
say the words
that you want to say.

When you want to speak
and nobody
just wanna hear you

When you have spoken
and nobody believes you,
and nobody listens to you,
and nobody understands  you,
and you feel you're oh so wrong,
and you feel you've done nothing right,
and you feel you're doomed,
and you just wanna shut up,
and you just wanna keep silent,
and you just wanna disappear,
and you just wanna give up,
and you just want everything to stop.

Gagged. Virtually

basically a no-nonsense gurl ( whue?)...happy and gay most of the time. i looove coffee. i love beds and pillows. i used to have fetish over Cotton Buds and I still dunno why! i'm fond of wearing pajamas...kahit tanghali!...

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