Once There was a Mother

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Once there was a mother,
Who misses the son 
She has left behind.
She shed tears every night,
Hoping for him to be alright.

Once there was a mother,
She cared so much for a daughter
Who never came from her.
Blood is thicker than water,
But the heart knows so much better.

Once there was a mother,
She had the best daughter ever.
She gave her protection and all her affection.
To her feet,
She'll give her the nation.

Once there was a mother,
Jealous of her own daughter.
She would find her faults,
and fire her with insults.
She couldn't care less, if she was ruthless.

Once there was a mother,
Afraid to be a blunder.
She painted memories
Of fake but happy yester-years
To keep her going in this world she is having.

Once there was a mother,
Engulfed with pain , there's no room for laughter.
She lived in a world
Where she thrived in her fears
Of jealousy, insecurity and so much tears.

Once there was a mother,
Who thought if there was any answer
To all the queries
Whispered by the fairies.
Is there any hope
"Will I be able to cope?"
With the trials ahead
It seems hard to succeed.
This is one journey
I'm afraid to carry.

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