And then there was Pinocchio!

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Years ago I cried
Because I carried a life
In a tummy I want to hide.

I stumbled and fall
Had  a few people to call
But my Dad stood tall.

It was a bumpy ride
With roller coaster on the side
And I have to brave the tide.

I fought life's challenges
Even with some loosen hinges
I managed to find success.

A lot of promises I made
Even though many has fade
Its my self, I always try to persuade.

And then I found happiness
A bliss I thought that is countless
Forever it will be my fortress.

I enjoyed the chatter
Even the frequent clutter
From my little toddler.

The boy was a wonder
To us and his grandfather
He fills us with laughter.

One day I made him say
A promise for him to obey
Which will make me happy someday.

His words I treasure
For it will be my pleasure
To find him a good future.

But now I cry
Because of a lie
That let out a heavy sigh.

I feel outraged
I feel betrayed
I feel a lot of hatred.

I cannot accept it.
I feel bad about it
I just cannot take it.

How could he?
Why would he?
LIE! Its what he did to me.

To forgive I can try
To forget I will first die
My heart is broken and dry.

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